God is always at work around you. Will you join Him?

Do you feel like you experience God in your daily life? Do you want to make a difference and be used by God but aren’t sure where to start?

This fall at PaulAnn, as part of our Why Not You sermon series, we are going through the Experiencing God Bible study as a church and we want you to be part of it! The Experiencing God study is about knowing and doing the will of God. Instead of trying to do things for God on our own, we will learn how to look for where God is already at work and then join Him in that work.

We are all busy and life is full, but we cannot encourage you enough to make time to do this study in whichever way you choose. The more we know God the better we will follow Him and the bigger impact we will have on the world around us! Why not you?


Purchase your Experiencing God book at the Connection Desk for $12, then choose one of these 3 options to join us in experiencing God this fall!

Join a CLG

Join a Community Life Group (CLG) and do the Experiencing God study alongside a small group of people, either on campus or in a home!

Find a Group

Come on Wednesday Nights

All adults are welcome to join us on Wednesday nights in the Worship Center for our large group Bible Study. We will worship, pray, and learn together.


Start Your Own Group

Grab a friend or two (or ten!) and do the study together. Set a time to meet weekly and use the weekly discussion guides to help guide your time together.

Discussion Guides


Each week we will post a new guide to help you through the Why Not You series. Be sure to check back on September 12 for the first guide!

Week 1

The Reward of Faith
Why Not You #1
Pastor Kirt Dauphin
Sept 12, 2021

Download Discussion Guide


Week 2

The Crisis of Faith
Why Not You #2
Pastor Kirt Dauphin
Sept 19, 2021

Download Discussion Guide