What Is Paulann Preschool?

The preschool ministry at PaulAnn is committed to planting seeds in the lives of young children through Bible teaching, songs, activities and interaction with loving adults. We believe that a child is never too young to begin learning the basic truths of Jesus Christ.

Psalm 127:3 says, “Children are a gift from the Lord.” This is so true - they are such a wonderful gift! It is both a privilege and responsibility to be a trusted with your child.

Our goal is for the children at PaulAnn to feel unconditional love and acceptance. Children should think of our church as a happy, secure place. Every single child who walks into our building should hear that God loves them.

Regular Weekly Activities

2531 Smith Blvd, San Angelo

Sunday School


9:30 & 11:00am Preschool Center

Sunday Nights


6:00pm Preschool Center

Wednesday Nights


6:30 – 7:45pm Preschool Center


We begin with teaching the truths of the Bible to our infants, movers and rompers. We do this by loving them, singing biblical songs with them, and teaching them about God, Jesus and the Bible. We realize that children will not understand every word spoken to them in “Baby Church”, but we believe that a constant repetition and visual stimulation are keys to making an impact in the spirit of a child. Our focus for preschoolers is to use repetition for memorization and retention. Our children are taught the same Bible story each time they meet throughout the course of one week (Sunday and Wednesday). Various methods for telling the story are used through crafts and other activities to help the children remember the Bible story and its principle. By creatively teaching the Bible, children will memorize verses and learn stories in a fun, exciting environment.


TruStory reveals God’s incredible plan to preschool kids and invites them to be a part of it! It begins in the home with the HomeFront Weekly. Families are equipped to be the primary nurturers of their children’s faith through time together in God’s Word, prayer, and blessing. Children will come into a TruStory classroom ready to continue conversations about God that began at home.


We have a strong desire to not only train up our children, but to train up our parents as well. Twice a year we hold baby dedication classes to help train parents to become the Christ-like models they want to be for their children. Following the classes, we dedicate the babies during worship services in front of our church body to hold parents accountable to what they learned in the classes.

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