Desperate for Hope – Women’s Bible Study

Every Wednesday Until March 20

2531 Smith Blvd, San Angelo, TX, USA

Suffering can bring out the hard questions: Why am I going through this? What did I do wrong? What if this never gets better? Does God really care about me?

It’s easy to feel alone and slip into despair—disillusioned with God, hopeless about the future, and doubting your faith. In this 7-session study, Vaneetha Risner tackles the hard questions and offers a scriptural framework to help you find hope in your pain.

She will be a gracious guide through this difficult topic, walking alongside you as you study about women in the Bible who suffered loss, while also sharing some of her own painful experiences of longing and grief. In the end, you’ll find that the answer to your hard questions is found in the character, goodness, and sovereignty of God.

Time: Wednesday Evenings 6:00-7:45PM
Leader: Lela Taubert
Location: Worship Center Foyer
Length: 7 weeks
Book Cost: $20
Start Date: January 31st