Meet Me in the Story of Abraham – Women’s Bible Study

Every Wednesday Until March 27

Why study the story of Abraham?

The story of Abraham helps us understand the Bible. God began a people for himself through Abraham and Sarah, an elderly, childless couple. Throughout the rest of the Bible, we see his story broaden to include all who place their faith in Jesus Christ.

As Christians, the story of Abraham is the story of our family (Romans 4:16). You will find our ancestors, Abraham and Sarah, to be very relatable. And you will find the God of Abraham to be faithful and personal.

Each Meet Me in the Bible book includes a Bible study bookmark and a link to Bible study tips, training, and resources.


Dinner and childcare will be provided.

Time: Wednesday evenings 6:00-7:45PM
Leader: Ronnie Rosser or Genesis Salmon
Location: Ronnie Rosser – PaulAnn Portable 702 / Genesis Salmon PaulAnn Portable 701
Length: 8 weeks
Book Cost: $25
Start Date: January 31st

Materials by Colleen Searcy.