Spiritual Formations Pastor

Paulann   -  

PaulAnn is a rapidly growing church with a great need for someone to oversee and execute the assimilation and discipleship process of the church. Over the last two years we have watched church as we know it completely change. We are embracing that change as an opportunity to reach people differently which has resulted in a steady stream of new visitors and new believers. The Spiritual Formations Pastor at Paulann will be stepping into a ministry that is full of opportunity to reach people for Jesus, disciple new believers, and encourage mature believers to continue following Jesus and serving the church.

At PaulAnn we are passionate about reaching the lost with the Gospel and helping believers take the next step in their walk with God. The Spiritual Formations Pastor will need innovative vision, a passion for community, a deep love for Christ and discipleship, as well as a high level of ministry execution. The Spiritual Formations Pastor will oversee first time visitors, small groups, and adult ministries, encouraging people to continuously take the next step in their walk with God.